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Mina Verde’s team is a group of professionals that are here to make your Costa Rican retreat unforgettable.

Roy Araya Costa Rica Guide

Roy Araya

Chief of Operations

A native “Tico” of Costa Rica, Roy has been in the tourism industry for 22 years, being a guide for everything from white water rafting to National Park tours. He prides himself on helping foreigners feel at home while also giving them vast amounts of local knowledge and unforgettable experiences.

Roy was born in the capital of San Jose, and then spent some time in Canada and the States before permanently stationing himself in the Manuel Antonio area of Costa Rica where he has lived since the year 2000. This town is 10 minutes north of Mina Verde.

Evan Hutcheson

Evan Hutcheson

Chief of Finances

Evan is a CPA and owner of a Nashville, Tennessee based accounting firm. He assists small businesses around the United States and in parts of Latin America with tax strategy, process improvement, and other consulting and forward-thinking activities to help move the businesses and their owners to where they want to be. Evan stations himself in Costa Rica for many months each year due to his love of the people, culture, and pura vida lifestyle.

Lloyd Robison bodywork and movement coach

Lloyd Robison


Lloyd has been in the bodywork and movement therapy field for over 10 years. These days Lloyd‘s mission is to alleviate every day aches and pains within the body by using primal movement and a special PEMF electron plus device that focuses on cell regeneration. With this special device, Lloyd has the ability to connect with and act as the ground, sending electromagnetic currents with his hands through the body of the receiver. Lloyd’s goal is to empower each individual to be their own healer. Lloyd loves exploring the beauty of nature, surfing, racket sports and cooking.


Alexa Lomando 

Reiki Certified Practitioner

Alexa has been passionate about health and wellness her entire life, using physical activity as an outlet to deal with emotions. More recently Alexa has been using movement, sound, breath, and the elements to move emotions and physical pain out of the body; and it is her passion to reteach these styles of liberating the body.

Alexa is also a Reiki certified practitioner, which allows her to channel Reiki energy into her movement flow. Alexa loves connecting with nature, traveling to beautiful places, and experiencing the healing effects of sound.


Natasha Lee

Reiki Certified Practitioner

Natasha has spent the larger chunk of her life focusing on, and exploring ways to heal and elevate the mind, body, and spirit. Over the past few years, Natasha has coached her clients into becoming the best versions of themselves, using the Alpha Method to heal and transcend every cell in the body.

Natasha is also a Reiki master who specializes in a guided hypnotic energy healing experience like no other! Her goal is to help individuals heal from the inside out by rewiring the brain through the power of suggestion, visualization, breath, and awareness of the chakras. Natasha loves seeing new cultures and exploring new geography!


Marjorie Mini Lopez

Yoga & Wellness Coach

Marjorie is a Yoga and Wellness coach with over 10 years practicing and studying different yoga styles including Ashtanga, Traditional Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, and Restorative.

She has been certified by Yoga Alliance (250hrs) for Progressive Vinyasa and Ashtanga, and has 5 years of teaching experience. Based in Costa Rica, she shares these tools to help students with healing and finding love for the body, as well as teaching the importance of movement as an essential part of life and health.

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